Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick - Write Down Five Things That You Believe to be True. . .

. . .that are actually false. All of us labor under false beliefs. These self-limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving all that we can. But lateral thinking can help you challenge those beliefs.

Have you ever met anyone who had written 20 books on the same topic? Other than author Paul Sloane, I haven't either. So I was excited when Paul agreed to share some of his thoughts on thinking and decision-making with me for this next podcast interview. 

Paul's books include such titles as:
When he's not writing, Paul teaches workshops, gives keynote addresses, and consults with businesses on creativity and innovation. Listeners on the other side of the pond can contact him in England by visiting his website, Destination Innovation.

Disciples of Edward de Bono will find much to like in Paul's books. His emphasis is on business, and there are many fresh examples from this area and from politics that business leaders and teachers can use when explaining these concepts to others. Paul also shares new, practical tools that make some of the theoretical concepts easier to grasp.

One of the techniques discussed is the "lotus blossom technique," which is an extraordinary problem analysis technique. As Paul explains, we as thinkers want to get results so we look for solutions almost immediately. If we spent more time on problem analysis, however, before beginning the search for solutions, we would have much better results.

When you listen to the interview, pay particular attention to the story about McGeorge Bundy, President Lyndon Johnson's National Security Adviser. It's a great example of confirmation bias, a topic that I wrote two chapters about in The Naked Portfolio Manager. The example shows that policy-making at the highest level of government is sometimes flawed because of cognitive biases, producing disastrous results.
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Anonymous Harold S. said...

The interview with Paul Sloane is one of the most thought provoking you have given. We will soon be updating our strategic plan. I hope that we can use these techniques to accomplish what we need to be working on.

Thanks for what you do.


July 24, 2012 at 12:06 PM  

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