Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Use Creativity to Design IntELEGANT Solutions for Your Clients

Today's interview is with a woman of "international intrigue," you could say. Sam Horn is the owner of The Intrigue Agency and she has a PhD in popology (Fischer's "International Dictionary" defines "popology" as "the art and science of crafting words so they POP in the mind of your prospect and get them to pay attention"). Horn has written seven books, including POP!: Stand Out in Any Crowd and has delivered scores of keynote speeches to companies like eBay, Intel, Cisco, and Genentech as well as other prestigious groups like The National Press Club and TEDx. In a world filled with INFObesity, she has helped hundreds of companies, non-profits, and writers to craft marketing messages that get their prospects "eyebrows up" and paying attention.

In this podcast, Horn relates a story that was an epiphany for her which occurred at the Maui Writers Conference in 1991. A young woman came to her in tears. She had spent a year crafting a novel, and may have lost the book deal of a lifetime because she couldn't explain in a few succinct sentences why anyone would want to read her story. The lesson she learned was that we only have about sixty seconds to get people interested in our story.

In her book POP!:Create the Perfect Pitch,Title and Tagline for Anything, Horn offers 25 ways to create your own titles and taglines. POP! is a tools-based approach that's simple yet effective. You can put it to use immediately with almost no practice. I used her alphabetizing technique to create the title of this post. I thought the titles she created like Tongue Fu! for a book about disarming people who attack you verbally or ConZentrate for a book about avoiding distractions were simple but elegant. So I tried to use the technique to change the word "elegant."

So I said to myself, "belligant, celligant, delligant, felligant. . ." and finally I got to "intELEGANT." Intelegant reminded me of intelligent and I had an idea that I could use.

Fans of de Bono's lateral thinking will understand POP! as an extension of random entry. POP! is not just a mere book to read - it's a book to USE, and if you listen to this interview, you'll find some great ideas that you can use right away.
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