Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Fast Could You Innovate if Your Business Survival Depended On It?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work at a company that's innovating on almost a daily basis? Mary Foley knows. She lived it, as she describes in my next podcast interview.

Mary Foley had a meteoric career at AOL in the 1990s, rising from a customer service rep to the head of training for the 12,000 person company. She describes working at AOL at that time as like building the airplane you're riding in at 40,000 feet. Technology was changing at an unprecedented pace. You had to innovate or die.

She describes her years at AOL as a decade of pure adrenalin. It was a melting pot with an eclectic group of smart people who were constantly coming up with fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. When new ideas failed, employees recognized that failure quickly, learned from it and then moved on.

She retired in 1999 at the ripe age of 33 and then began an introspective process of journaling (a fabulous way to stimulate creativity), which ultimately led to her writing her first book. Little did she know at the time, but her book would pave the way to her radio show and the launch of her speaking career. Mary's books include:
Mary's message is designed to help women have more sanity, confidence and fun. She has kindly offered readers of the blog a free ebook and more that can be downloaded here. You can find her books at her website and at Amazon. Enjoy the podcast!

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