Monday, June 18, 2012

Gayle Turner - A Man Who Breathes Creativity

Today, I am pleased to present the FIRST of many Virginia Institute for Effective Thinking podcasts, which will feature some of the leading thinkers in the region, interviewed by yours truly.

My inaugural interview is with Gayle Turner, Managing Director of Catch Your Limit Consulting. Gayle has an impressively diverse work experience that includes time as an ad executive, an actor, a director - even a professional card player. His varied and eclectic background enables him to tap into a deep well of creative genius that now allows him to help clients create and achieve their strategic visions. Click the arrow button to listen via the player below.

As a director, Gayle realizes that to achieve greatness, actors need to be able to try new and different things - and sometimes to fail at them.

As he points out in our interview, in corporate America, managers are often so risk averse that they aren't willing to experiment. He says that by creating a safe environment where individuals can freely "float" new ideas, people become much more creative.

Gayle is certified in four different Edward de Bono thinking methods, including Six Hats and Lateral Thinking. As he explains in the interview, Six Hats Thinking has become an integral part of the problem-solving process. While clients may want to jump right to the solution, it's much more effective to start with the white hat and understand all the facts before turning to alternative solutions with the green hat.

A prolific reader, one of Gayle's favorite books is The Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono. He also likes the following books:
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan
  • The Artist’s Way at Work by Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron, and Catherine Allen
  • The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson
  • The Imagineering Way by The Imagineers
  • The Way Things Work by David Macaulay
  • The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher
As much as Gayle clearly likes to read, he believes that to be creative and innovative, you don't need a book or a teacher (although they sometimes help). Sometimes you just have to try. In addition to my podcast, Gayle was also recently interviewed on NPR's "This I Believe." Read his inspiring "This I Believe" essay here.

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Bob, I am happy to see you back with providing such insightful material. I appreciate the time you take to bring such useful thinking material.


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