Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing the Viginia Institute for Effective Thinking

Writing "The Naked Portfolio Manager" made me realize that certain decision-making methodologies are simply more effective that others.

Long-time readers of my blog know that a tremendous body of empirical research supports the idea that rules-based decision-making is simply more effective than judgement-based decision-making since the rule sets are consistent and a person - being human - will frequently vary his decision-making criteria. Of course, naked decision-making only works if you have sufficient data and the time to develop an effective rule set.

Often we will need to apply a different type of thinking or will have a situation in which we do not have all the data we would like, or we need a creative type of solution for a problem. Developing models for these types  of situations is often impractical. This is why a couple of years ago I began searching out new types of thinking approaches that could be used to solve different types of business and personal challenges.

I founded the Virginia Institute for Effective Thinking (VIET) to educate, train and inspire Virginia's business and political leaders to use better methods to address the issues that we face today. Currently, I teach three thinking methodologies through the Institute. These are "Six Hats Thinking," "Lateral Thinking" and "Naked Thinking."

Think of these methods as new software for your brain. By installing this new software, your brain will gain new capabilities to solve problems and generate new ideas. The Virginia Institute for Effective Thinking will be providing many opportunities in the future to gain these new skill sets, so stay tuned!

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